"Providing a hand-up, not a hand-out!" - Dr. Tony Evansimage


Oneness School Initiative - Continued Detail

The Oneness School Initiative, Inc. (OSI) is a Wisconsin volunteer-based, non-profit program modeled after the successful National Church Adopt-A-School Initiative (NCAASI) created by Dr. Tony Evans in Dallas, Texas. This unique program "bridges the gap of cultural, racial and political lines through the commitment to the child first."

NCAASI is one aspect of Dr. Evans' larger social outreach program, The Turn*Around Agenda, which was named Volunteer Organization of the Year by the Dallas Independent School District in 2006.

Church volunteers offer practical assistance for principals, teachers, and school staff. Several area churches have already adopted a few Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) and OSI hopes to have other MPS and Wisconsin public and private schools "adopted" soon.

THE SINGULAR PURPOSE of the Oneness School Initiative is to help Wisconsin's students. As students are empowered, families are strengthened, and communities are transformed.

OSI provides general volunteer and specific mentor training for participating churches; this training addresses the legal concerns surrounding "the separation of church and state."

OSI provides opportunties for both general volunteers and Mentor volunteers. Click here to see how it works.

Mentoring Program
OSI training encourages church volunteers and mentors to intentionally reinforce the four key NCAASI messages to students:

The four proven messages address some of the difficulties facing Wisconsin students today. These challenges hinder them from achieving their best life academically, socially, physically, and emotionally; reinforcing these key messages will help them avoid many of life's pitfalls. Mentors will have access to Character Counts! and Choosing The Best curriculum.

Dr. Tony Evans
Dr. Tony Evans has said that there are 13 churches for every 1 public school in America. If just "one" church would adopt "one" local public school by providing competent, caring and consistent volunteers who can provide support services for the students and their families, America's communities can be rebuilt "from the inside out."

If your church or school is interested in learning more about church and school partnerships, please contact us today! image